ShooBeeLoo Music and Movement
Ms Michelle leads music classes for caregivers with their children as well as preschool music classes. Her lessons are educational and age-appropriate. They involve singing, clapping, bouncing, stories, instrument play, puppets, toys, bubbles, and lots of fun.

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ShooBeeLoo Parent and Child Classes 

A class for caregiver and child to be active in learning music together. Classes are held at the Fishers YMCA and at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, please contact the Fishers YMCA (type "shoobeeloo" into the search box) or the Carmel Center for the Performing Arts for registration information.

All classes are designed to appeal to a variety of ages. They are open for registration to children aged 10 months through 5 years. The recommended age for most children is 18 months through 4 years. Siblings under 10 months may attend for free.

A booklet of lyrics will be provided for all the songs from these sessions.

Fall Class Schedule

 Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. (Fishers YMCA - 317.595.9622)
Winter 1: January 9th - February 20th (Home On the Range)
Winter 2: February 27th - April 10th (Things That Go)
Spring: April 17th - May 29th (It's Fantastic)

$55 - members/$72 - non-members for 7 classes

 Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. (Fishers YMCA - 317.595.9622)
Winter 1: January 10th - February 21st (Home On the Range)
Winter 2: February 28th - April 11th (Things That Go)
Spring: April 18th - May 30th (It's Fantastic)

$55 - members/$72 - non-members for 7 classes

 Fridays at 9:30 a.m. (Center for Performing Arts - 317.843.3800


Winter 1: January 11th - February 22nd (Home On the Range)
Winter 2: March 1st - April 12th (Things That Go)
Spring: April 19th - May 31st (It's Fantastic)

$70 for 7 classes

Preschools Visited 
Meridian Hills Cooperative Nursery School and Kindergarten (Chickadees, Robins, Kinderbirds classes)
Northeast Cooperative Preschool and Kindergarten (Tadpoles, Polliwogs, Frogs, Creeksiders classes)
Carmel Cooperative Preschool (Honeybees, Grasshoppers, WiggleWorms)
St Matthew Catholic School (All PreK classes)
Parkview Cooperative Preschool  (Froggies, Turtles, Caterpillars classes)
YMCA Preschool - Fishers (4's class enrichment)
Community Montessori School - Fishers (3 - 5 year old enrichment, lower elementary general music)
Downey Cooperative Preschool (Kindergarten class)
Geist Orchard Cooperative Preschool (Sprouts and Twigs classes)
Church at the Crossing Preschool (various classes)
Meridian Street Cooperative Preschool (2/3, 3/4, 4/5 classes)


Click here for a wonderful and informative parent review of my class.
                          - Zach G.

" girls love you. You truly have found your niche"
                           - Tracey J.

" children both just adore you and your class.  Carter asks to go to music class at least once or twice a week and Drew says he just "likes her voice."  I love that it's out of your house, personal and affordable."
                               - Amy P.

"Michelle...taught her class at my son's preschool last year and he LOVED it! They ran around, danced, sang and truly enjoyed themselves. Everyone gets involved with their own instruments or props. Michelle puts a lot of effort and love into planning her classes and it shows. You and your child will have a blast in this class!"
- Victoria M.

"My DD (2 years old) started with Miss Michelle's Saturday class last Saturday.  She LOVES it!  The week following her first class, she sang her new songs and asked when we could go back to Miss Michelle's house.  Miss Michelle is awesome and her energy rubs off on the kids - heck - me too!  Her class involves instruments, singing, dancing, bubbles - most of all lots of fun!  The kids would never know that they are in "class" and learning some of the basics of music."
                         - Gina C.

(My daughter) really enjoyed her first class last week, even though she was a little shy, she went home and told her daddy all about it!

I have a 17 yr old daughter who I took to many types of classes growing up, and we are just starting to find group activities for (our younger daughter). Your class is one of the most organized and thoughtful experiences I have had!
                              -Monica S.

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