ShooBeeLoo Music and Movement
ShooBeeLoo Music and Movement
Music and Movement Classes.

Party Entertainment for Young Children.

Why do children need music?

Music is a vital part of early childhood development. It is a language… an art form. It is emotional as well as mathematical. Music crosses cultural boundaries, encourages socialization, it lives in our imagination and nourishes our creativity. Songs can be passed from one generation to another or developed in a moment of inspiration. But most of all, music is fun!

Foster your child's musical intelligence in a fun and age-appropriate music and creative movement class or hire me to teach music at your preschool

You can also book me for your toddler or young child's next party or event. I have a variety of songs and interactive musical games to entertain children aged between 2 and 6 as well as the rest of the family. I am available to perform at Summer Camps.

My goals:

           To develop each child’s innate musicality and intelligence in various areas including

  • Beat Competence – learning to reproduce a steady beat and repeating rhythms
  • Musical Concepts – comprehension of tempo, dynamics, pitch and timbre
  • Phrasing – introduction to song structure through movement activities
  • Vocalization – singing simple melodies in tune as part of a group or solo
  • Creativity – participation in creative movement and songwriting activities.
  • School success - enhancement of cognitive abilities and social skills

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